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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, we’d be happy to assist you!

  • Why use pure liquid silk in skincare?

    Our co-founders have spent over two decades researching silk protein both in academia and industry towards successful applications in tissue engineering and medical products. In starting this skincare brand, they hope to realize the true potential of silk as a versatile clean ingredient that can safely replace the function of potentially harmful chemical fillers and additives that have permeated much of the cosmetics industry. Pure silk is a natural protein, similar in size to collagen. Its unique structure results in the elegant silk fibers we all know in textiles. Our proprietary technology allows us to transform these native fibers into pure liquid and gel forms without disrupting the structure and properties that make silk protein so unique. Our skincare is the only line of products on the cosmetic market today that is produced from real, unadulterated natural silk. We never use genetically modified silk, “sericin” or ”hydrolyzed silk” that you may see in other products. Sericin and hydrolyzed silk are actually silk-waste byproducts from the textile industry or genetically altered proteins without the same benefits and elegance of pure, natural, non-genetically altered silk protein, and have no place in skincare. We take great pride in our proprietary production processes that enable us to attain the pure, clean, stable form of silk protein used in our products.

  • Why do your products have so few ingredients in them?

    Our belief is that as a skincare company, we need to be able to make an informed case for the inclusion of each ingredient we use in our products. This is a new idea among skincare companies – many will talk about the ingredients they don’t use in their products, but given the health implications of repeatedly introducing specific chemicals into your body over years and years we feel it isn’t good enough. We feel responsible to share with you the rationale behind each one of our formulations and why it was made a certain way. With that comes our minimal ingredients message. The use of activated liquid silk as a bioactive ingredient, stabilizer and texture agent in our formulations allows us to only include ingredients that are absolutely necessary for healthy skin. This also allows us to use more of each ingredient, making our products highly concentrated, which in turn means you need less product per application.

  • What does it mean for a product to be EWG VERIFIED™ ?

    The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a “nonprofit, nonpartisan group dedicated for protecting human health and the environment”, and serves as one of the standard bearers of consumer health and ingredient safety. The EWG VERIFIED™ program “aims to be the gold standard of human health and wellness”, empowering consumers to make more informed and health-conscious decisions as to the products they purchase. We are extremely proud of the products in our line that qualify for the designation.

  • What are the ages of people who use your products?

    Our skincare products are designed to support skin health and anti-aging. It is never too early to start taking care of your skin, and all ages can benefit from pure, healthy skincare. Our customers typically range from 25 to 70+ years of age.

  • How can I find the right product that is the best fit for my skin?

    Given our unique and innovative product line, we offer several ways to help you decide which product will best address your skincare concerns. Navigating to the “Personalized Skincare” tab at the top of the homepage will give you two options to learn more about specific products and their benefits: The Chart gives a concise summary of the concerns that each product addresses, while the Skincare Assistant Quiz takes you through a series of questions that are then used to recommend specific product combinations weighted based on your responses. For even more detailed assistance feel free to email us at or call us at at 1-866-809-0367 M-F 9-5EST.

  • What results can I expect?

    Our products are proven to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve hydration, even skin tone and benefit overall skin health. Optimal results are typically seen with continued product use.

  • What is the reason for the unique consistency of some of your products?

    Our gel, serum, and moisturizer products may have a slightly different consistency as compared to conventional skincare products. This is due to the fact that our formulations do not include synthetic softeners or additional chemicals that change the consistency at the expense of the user’s skin health. We preserve the native interaction between our activated liquid silk and active formulation ingredients - while this may seem visually foreign to a new user of our products, taking a few seconds to “warm” the product between fingers before application will create the same softening effect on the product without the need for harmful chemical fillers or unnecessary heavy oils.

  • What does non-GMO stand for?

    Silk Therapeutics, Inc. has made a commitment to use only non-GMO silk in all our products. A GMO is a genetically modified organism. These organisms are used to produce products and proteins with altered genetic attributes that usually increase production yields and decrease costs. The concern with GMO products is that they are not found in nature and their safety and effectiveness with human biology is typically unknown.

  • How much product do I use, and how long will it last?

    A small amount of our daily skincare products goes a long way. All of the products can be used in combination to optimize your results. Visit the “How To Use” tab or view the “How To Use” video on a specific product page for more detailed, product-specific instructions. Based on the recommended amount per application, we note how many treatments you can expect per product.

  • When do your products expire, and how should I store?

    We don’t have expiry dates for our products, and they are always safe to use. However, we recommend you use products you purchase consistently, and if you have product-specific questions feel free to email us at

  • Why do some products come with a spatula?

    All of our products in a jar come with a cosmetic spatula. Always use the spatula to take product from the jar instead of your finger. This will keep your product fresh.

  • Can I use your products with other skincare lines and cosmetics?

    Yes, our skincare can be used along with other products in your daily routine. Simply apply our product to your skin, allow it to dry, and then apply any other skincare products or cosmetics as part of your daily routine. If you have detailed questions about mixing regimens, simply contact us and our in-house master esthetician can provide you with a custom recommendation.

  • How long do I have to wait after using your products to apply my other skincare products or cosmetics?

    Allow our products to dry completely for approximately 30 seconds before applying other skincare products over them.

  • If I order once, will I be signed up for automatic reorder?

    No, our customers repurchase products at the pace that they choose.

  • What are your shipping methods, and what are your shipping rates?

    We provide free shipping on all orders over $30; for orders under $30 we charge $5.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally or carry our products outside of the United States at this time. Join our email list (link at bottom of page) and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and  Twitter for updates!

  • Where are you located?

    Our headquarters, as well as R&D, manufacturing and shipping, are located just outside Boston at: 196 Boston Avenue Medford, MA 02155

  • How long does shipping take?

    All orders are shipped from our research and manufacturing site outside of Boston, MA via US Postal Service Priority mail. You will receive tracking information for your order when it is shipped, usually within 2 business days. To maintain product integrity, we do not ship on Fridays; there is a risk that the order will be in environments where the temperature is not controlled.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    At this time, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards issued in the United States, in addition to Apple Pay and PayPal.

  • What is your return policy?

    We strive to provide products that are best for each customer. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return any full-size product purchased at for a refund or exchange that is at least half-full and is within 30 days of purchase. Please contact Customer Support to obtain a recommendation on a product exchange or for a complimentary return label: - Via email at - By phone at 1-866-809-0367 M-F 9-5EST We will process your refund/exchange once we receive your return (shipment typically takes 5-7 business days). Please allow 5 business days from receipt for processing SilkMinis™ are not eligible for return or exchange. Bundles are only eligible if all items in the bundle are returned.

  • What should I do if I receive my order is damaged, missing items or not received?

    Please contact Customer Support as soon as you are aware of the issues and we will work with you to resolve.

  • Do you offer free samples of your product?

    We include a complimentary SilkMini™ with each order containing full-size products. Minis for most Silk Therapeutics brand products are available for $5.00/each, providing 14+ treatments.

  • Do you offer professional programs for dermatologists and spas?

    Please email us at for more information.


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