Unlock a vibrant, youthful complexion with targeted anti-aging masks from Silk Therapeutics. Our exfoliating and moisturizing face masks reduce signs of aging, leaving skin looking visibly healthy and radiant.
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Silk + C30 Anti-Aging Films

Dramatically reduce the look of fine lines and dark spots with Activated Silk + 30% vitamin C.

2 Ingredients


| 15 Films

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FS Renewing Peel Gel Exfoliator 30 ml, 1.0 oz / Lemongrass
Renewing Peel Gel Exfoliator

Minimize the appearance of large pores, fine lines and dullness with our gentle AHA gel.

5 Ingredients

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| 30 ml, 1.0 oz / Lemongrass

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Hydra-Rich Advanced Moisturizer
Hydra-Rich Advanced Moisturizer

Intensely hydrate and replenish dry skin with our advanced antioxidant-rich moisturizing cream.

12 Ingredients


| 50 ml, 1.7 oz

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