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Your Skin and the Science of Sleep

Beauty rest is far from an old wives tale. The quality and amount of sleep that we get can define how our skin looks. Yes, treatments and serums can have a big impact on your skin’s look, but one secret to flawless skin is sufficient sleep.

We’re all familiar with the short-term effects of not getting enough sleep. Beyond feeling dull and restless, a lack of sleep can leave you puffy and with dark circles under your eyes.

Beyond the short-term, lack of sleep can unsurprisingly have long-term effects, too.  When you’re sleep deprived, your hormones are affected. And as we know, hormones play a key role in your skin’s appearance. When short on sleep, hormones will inflame your skin, giving you a more puffy, duller appearance. Sleep is your skin’s reset button, reinvigorating and hydrating for the next day.

The quality of your sleep matters, too. Studies have shown that poor sleep can lead to fine lines, uneven skin tone and reduced elasticity.  Moreover, poor sleepers have a significantly slower healing time when sunburned. When it’s time to go to bed, try to avoid screens at least an hour beforehand and limit your caffeine intake over the day (especially in the afternoon).

Ultimately, health is cumulative. Missing a night or two of sleep isn’t going to make or break your skin’s long-term appearance. But the habits you have between crawling under the covers and when you wake up can have a big impact on your skin’s everyday appearance.


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