Wrinkles vs. Fine Lines: What’s the Difference?

Wrinkles vs. Fine Lines: What’s the Difference?

Here’s a hint: One disappears when you sleep.

“We should really be calling them ‘deep lines’ and ‘fine lines,’” says Ashley Adams, the customer engagement specialist for Silk Therapeutics and a licensed aesthetician. “Fine lines are lighter and are really only there when you express, like when you’re laughing. Deep lines, or wrinkles, don’t go away even when your face is relaxed.”

While lines are a normal sign of aging, people develop them at different rates. A 30-year-old who smokes, skips sunscreen, and is genetically prone to developing lines might have a wrinkle across her forehead, while a 50-year-old who wears sun protection regularly and never smoked might simply have an array of fine lines. Genes and lifestyle play a role, and so does personality, to an extent: People who are highly expressive are frequently creasing their faces, which can “stick” in the form of fine lines. You might not be able to change how animated you are, but you can wear sunglasses when outdoors to prevent one particular expression—squinting.

Treatment for lines fine and deep alike is similar. Products with and vitamin C visibly help reduce and prevent wrinkles, especially when paired with Activated Silk. If you’re simply looking to prevent, serums with a lower concentration of vitamin C will be sufficient, like the vitamin C serum from LabGrab. But if you’ve already acquired a few lines and are looking for wrinkle treatment, jump ahead to a product with a higher concentration of the nutrient. C Advance Anti-Aging Serum is 10 percent vitamin C, plus Activated Silk, making it strong enough to reduce the appearance of lines, but not so strong that it risks irritating your skin. Eye Revive also contains vitamin C and Activated Silk, and was specifically formulated as a fine lines treatment.

The power of illusion helps with lines too. The hyaluronic acid in Purely Radiant hydrates skin, plumping it up, which diminishes the look of facial lines.

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