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I’m relatively new to the Silk Therapeutics world. In fact, the spa I co-founded, Bella Santé, just started carrying the product last week. But in the short time since I was first introduced to the line, I’ve been impressed.

I first became acquainted with the company by accident. I met one of the company investors and was taken by how good her skin looked. After talking with her, she told me her secret: Silk Therapeutics. Bella Santé has traditionally been a relaxation-based day spa, but over the past few years, we’ve started looking into more results-oriented treatments. So I asked her to put me in contact with Greg Altman, CEO of Silk Therapeutics, and the team.

The initial appeal was immediate – I’ve seen so many guests with sensitive skin that aren’t able to find a product line that works for them, so I knew there was a huge market for it. We began testing it in our spa and the results were immediate. Many of the estheticians at the spa are very weary of new products. They’re sensitive to the ingredients in anything we use, and rightfully so. But right after we started to trial the line, everyone was eagerly using Silk Therapeutics and even offering it to guests.

On a more personal note, it had the seal of approval from my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, and her skin was accordingly compromised. Because of this, she had limited options for skincare, as so many do. But Silk Therapeutics was something she could use and, moreover, grew to love. Even after her first use, she kept touching her face, shocked by how firm her skin felt. It was proof that Silk Therapeutics was the ultimate version of a wellness-based, ingredient-conscious pure line of skincare products.

After seeing how quickly both my estheticians and family embraced the company, I brought Silk Therapeutics to Bella Santé. I know my guests are going to love it.


To learn more about Bella Santé and their partnership with Silk Therapeutics, see their press release here


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