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Raise your hand if you’ve made any of the following skin offenses that left you feeling red:

  • Spent a long day at the beach or outdoors without using the proper level of SPF protection/sunscreen
  • Forgot to reply your sunscreen after swimming or other vigorous activity
  • Failed to use any sunscreen due to a cloudy day
  • (Gasp!) Due to a busy schedule, visited a tanning bed to achieve a summer glow

Chances are, you are guilty of at least one of the above and have a photo or two tucked away to hide the evidence. Read on for tips and an associated product available for 20% off (use code SUN20 at checkout).

A sunburn is your skin’s simple (but effective) way of saying you have been overexposed to UV rays. While a sunburn can go away, the effects of UV exposure is the number one reason your skin can look years older, contributing to “you know what.” Wrinkles. UV rays damage the DNA within the skin cells (molecule that provides our genetic structure), which causes wrinkles to form.  UV Rays = not your friend.

Even though the summer is now behind us, it’s so important to remember we are exposed to harmful UV rays every day, each season – yes, even when it’s cloudy! However, you may take precautions moving forward and also, incorporate products into your skincare routine to help aid in reversing the effects of wrinkles. Below are a few tips from Victoria Collotta our resident aesthetician, some of which, may also help brighten and even out your skin tone. It’s our way of ending the summer season on a bright note.

  • Add Anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin C to help reverse environmental damage. Vitamin C helps stimulate healthy collagen production to keep skin firm and add resilience. We recommend C Advance.
  • Exfoliate to sweep away layers of highly pigmented surface cells and help active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. As surface cells shed, they are replaced by fresh, new cells that contain less pigment. We recommend Renewing Peel.
    • Nourish & Replenish the fresh/new skin cells with powerful Vitamin E, and oils such as rosehip oil, jojoba oil, coconut, shea butter. Be mindful of your skin type and how it may adapt to these ingredients. We recommend a moisturizer from our Nurture Collection, containing many of the above noted vitamins, oils, etc.

      Did you try any of these tips? Have you purchased Silk Therapeutics products? Do you like what you’re reading? Are there topics you want to see addressed more often? Share your feedback on our Instagram or Facebook page @skincarebysilk.


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