The Environment's Impact on Your Skin

The Environment's Impact on Your Skin

Here in Boston, we’re in the midst of the annual heat wave we call summer. It feels like we went from the depths of winter to hot and humid overnight. It is no surprise that our skin can be similarly confused. Our environment plays a big impact on our skin, so we thought it would be helpful to identify four major factors that affect our skin’s appearance:

1) Humidity:

Changes in moisture in the air can be tough on skin. Low humidity will expectedly dry out your skin, so if you’re going to be in an arid climate, be sure to up your moisturizing routine. Additionally, even though your first reaction may be to soak in a hot shower or bath while in dry, colder temperatures, doing so is actually worse for your skin once you get out of the tub.

2) Heat:

The hotter you are, the more likely you are to sweat and produce oils, which can lead to breakouts. Try products made for oily skin, but be sure any product that you use is sun-safe. In extreme heat conditions, your skin may discolor with heat rash. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, and seek medical attention if needed.

3) Sun exposure:

The amount of sun your skin experiences on a day-to-day basis makes a big difference. Even crossing to the shady side of the street when walking through town can help to limit exposure. Of course we always recommend sunscreen, but in addition to sunscreen, use your environment to your cosmetic advantage and stick to the shade when possible (even in the snow!).

4) Culture:

Even though we don’t consciously think about it, the actions of the people around us affect our behaviors. If you are constantly surrounded by those who spend their time roasting in the sun versus those who are more apt to lather on SPF, you may find yourself developing the same habits. Keeping aware of what’s going on around you can help you avoid any bad habits when it comes to your skincare.

Of course there are other environmental factors that can impact your skin, like allergens or pollutants, but these are an important four. Everything around you makes you who you are and the same can be said for your skin.

Michelle Teillon

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