The Design Behind Silk Firming Serums: Silk Microcapsule Technology

The Design Behind Silk Firming Serums: Silk Microcapsule Technology

At Silk Therapeutics, we make every effort possible to provide you with an inside look into the advanced technology we use to make powerful skincare while replacing unnecessary chemical additives that may contain impurities that are harmful to your health.

With our most recent patents filed, we would like to share the innovative secrete behind our firming, blended gel serums, Purely Smooth and Eye Revive—it’s our pleasure to introduce our Silk Microcapsule™ Technology.

Our goal is to always provide the most powerful skincare treatment options available using pure liquid silk and no chemical fillers. Our Silk Microcapsule™ Technology affords us this opportunity. When using Purely Smooth and Eye Revive, you may notice that with time, the consistency of the product within the jar changes to have an almost caviar or granular appearance. Yet, when you smooth the product between your fingers, you are immediately met with a velvety liquid serum for use. The key design feature are microcapsules made from pure silk protein in a suspended “gel state” that melt with the pressure and warmth of your fingertips.

The secret—the silk microcapsules encapsulate liquid silk, vitamin c and our other active ingredients, such as caffeine in Eye Revive, allowing us to avoid the use of fillers such as silicone and alcohols, standard in the cosmetic industry. While the product consistency may change over time, the concentration and potency of our ingredients never do.

The result—a highly concentrated solution of active ingredients without unnecessary additives.

The benefit—powerful skincare that requires less product per application to last you longer while delivering the results you deserve.

So when you experience our unique product textures, ask yourself, technology or toxins? And then please enjoy the beautiful results our products deliver. Silk Microcapsule™ Technology—one more proprietary example of why Silk Therapeutics is different in so many ways, for your benefit—beauty and health.

Michelle Teillon

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