Spring-Clean Your Skincare Routine

Spring-Clean Your Skincare Routine

We all know spring is the season to revamp your wardrobe and sort through clutter, but seasonal changes in temperature, sunlight, and humidity also make spring a good time to mix up your skincare routine. Below are some tips for taking good care of your skin when temperatures rise.

1. Check expiration dates.

You wouldn’t keep expired milk in the fridge, so don’t keep expired skincare products and cosmetics in your medicine cabinet. Over time, skincare products begin to lose their effectiveness and can grow bacteria with increased exposure to the air. Look for an expiry icon or date on each of your products.

2. Easy on the retinol.

Retinol can be great for wrinkles, but potentially harmful in the spring and summer, as it increases skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Only apply retinoid products at night, and be especially diligent about applying sunscreen during the day if you use products containing retinol.

3. Pay attention to your skin.

Changes in temperature often cause changes in your skin, including increased dryness or oiliness. Your winter routine may not work as well in spring. Pay attention to changes in your skin, and alter your routine accordingly.

Michelle Teillon

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