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Dealing with sensitive skin can be tough. Finding the right skincare products can feel like a full time job, but there are a few ways to streamline the process. So what can people with sensitive skin do to keep their complexion looking it’s best? We’ve pulled together four tips for shopping for skincare for those with sensitive skin.

1. Avoid Fragrance.

What your nose likes, your skin may hate. We’ve always said to avoid fragrances, but for people with sensitive skin, this goes doubly so. Fragrances are among the top allergens in skincare and can really wreck havoc on sensitive skin.

2. Pay Attention to All the Ingredients.

Review the full ingredient list to know what you’re putting on your skin. To make life easier, look for products with a short ingredient list that is easy to understand. Often times, more ingredients means a higher chance for your skin to react negatively.

3. Watch Out for Harsh Chemicals.

Overloading your face with harsh chemicals can leave even the most resilient skin looking red and dry. Avoiding these chemicals isn’t just best for your skin’s appearance; it’s best for your overall health. Don’t forget, most of the chemicals we put up on our skin will end up in our bloodstream, too.

4. Start Small.

Before using a new product, be sure to test it out first. Put it on a small, discrete patch of skin. Make sure to leave it on for a full day. If your skin stays clear of any redness or dryness, you should be in the clear to use it.


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