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Skincare Beauty Counter Questions

Finding cosmetic products that support your health and wellness can be tough. Down the road, your skin will thank you for the extra work. So, we’re here to make life easier. We pulled together four important questions to ask at the beauty counter that will keep you glowing, youthful and healthy.

How many ingredients are in this?

The number of ingredients in a product can be a good indicator of how healthy it is and how well the product has been designed for its intended use. Less ingredients, less chance to do harm and the more concentrated the ingredients included will be for improved results. We give bonus points to any product that has a list of ingredients you don’t need a PhD to read.

Does this have fragrance in it?

Avoid fragrance whenever possible. It may make your product smell a little nicer, but it can do real damage to your skin. “Fragrance” simply means a mix of chemicals that won’t show up on the ingredient list. Why doesn’t it show up you ask? Fragrance compounds are considered trade secrets in the cosmetics world, so they could be anything. And what you don’t know can in fact hurt you.

Is the silk listed pure silk?

The silk in most skincare products isn’t pure silk. Most of the time, it’s a waste byproduct of the silk textile industry or a genetically altered version of silk. Two of the most common byproducts to look out for are hydrolyzed silk and sericin. They are not truly silk in its natural form and we recommend staying away.

Are there parabens in this?

Parabens are preservatives that are used in many lotions and cleansers. They’re meant to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, but unsurprisingly can have a negative effect on your health. Studies have shown parabens to mimic the function of hormones in the body causing unforeseen health concerns. There are many options for healthy preservatives out there, so don’t settle for products that rely on parabens. Clean cosmetic practices are similar to clean eating practices – the less processed, the better.


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