Simpler Can Be Better with Clean, Clinically Proven Products

Simpler Can Be Better with Clean, Clinically Proven Products

Trade complicated regimens for multipurpose products that work. With clean, effective ingredients, it’s easy to create an everyday routine that you’ll actually stick to.

Wading into the world of skincare can be overwhelming — especially when you can’t tell your sheet mask from your serum. Combine that with the explosively popular 10-step K-beauty regimen that took the beauty scene by storm a few years ago, and it’s no wonder you’re probably wondering if taking care of your skin is going to leave you late for work.

Time isn’t the only issue. According to research conducted by the Environmental Working Group, the average woman comes into contact with 168 personal care ingredients per day. That’s a staggering amount, especially when you consider that the US hasn’t modernized its ingredient safety regulations since 1938. But trying to pinpoint safe products that actually work can be a daunting task, too.

There’s a better way — one that doesn’t mean sacrificing your hard-earned glow. By reaching for multipurpose formulations made with clinically proven clean ingredients, it’s easy to tap into the power of visibly healthier, radiant-looking skin. And you don’t even need to get up an hour earlier to achieve it. 

For us, the secret is ACTIVATED SILK™ technology: our powerhouse active ingredient that naturally teams with your skin’s collagen to promote a firm and youthful appearance.

Made from pure silk in liquid form, ACTIVATED SILK takes the place of entire classes of harsh chemicals commonly found in skincare products, enabling us to make skincare with just 12 ingredients or fewer. That means more of the age-defying clean ingredients your skin needs to look its best — such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid — and no synthetic fillers, potentially irritating chemicals or questionable preservatives.

Our tips for building a clean routine that works for you? “Less is more,” says Victoria Collotta, expert aesthetician and General Manager of Silk Therapeutics. “Start with the basics — like a great cleanser, moisturizer and serum — then pinpoint your specific skincare goals and add on from there.”

Victoria also recommends streamlining your regimen with multipurpose swaps. Our glow-boosting Purely Radiant and C Advance serums can be mixed together for a spa-level brightening treatment, while our Hydra-Rich moisturizer does double duty as an intensive hydrating mask. And for those struggling with breakouts, our weekly Renewing Peel exfoliator can be applied directly to areas of concern.  

Ready to simplify your routine? Explore our value sets below — or contact us for a free skincare consultation with one of our in-house estheticians. 

Instant Repair Full Body Therapy

Fresh Start Seasonal Set 

Hyaluronic Hero Daily Serum Duo

Team Silk

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