Silk's role in skincare and the skin's care

Silk's role in skincare and the skin's care

Silk’s role in skincare: To explain why silk is such an ideal partner for skincare, we need to understand how silk functions on a molecular level. Silk protein is a natural polymer, the general term given to large molecular chains of smaller building blocks (technically speaking, these “building blocks” are repeating amino acid sub-units). Whereas most human-made polymers require additional chemicals to change their structure, natural polymers such as silk demonstrate the fascinating ability to self-assemble into functional molecular arrangements. This makes silk uniquely versatile when formulated into skincare products. It fills space efficiently, an important trait useful in addressing the natural decline in aging skin’s integral strength. It stabilizes itself. It stabilizes other active ingredients. It prevents microbes from proliferating exponentially, which in turn allows us to use only the gentlest of preservatives AND pass FDA quality testing. This is why our skincare is so clean.

Silk’s role in the skin’s actual care: Silk is remarkably compatible with human skin. As we age, cellular production of collagen naturally declines. The collagen in your skin provides the integral strength that guards against wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen also forms matrices with other molecules such as hyaluronic acid and growth factors to support cellular vitality—the foundation for healthy vibrant skin.

Since silk has a structural similarity to collagen, silk also actively aids in the vitalization process, making it an ideal partner for your skin. And the silk molecules are small enough (smaller than collagen) to sink deeply into your skin rather than just sitting on top of it. This means that silk can effectively transport active ingredients deep into the skin as well.

So the case for silk is clear:

  • It provides what your skin needs for the vitalization process – both as an active ingredient itself, and to enhance the delivery of other active ingredients.
  • It allows us to eliminate entire classes of chemicals used throughout the skincare industry such as fillers, additives and harsh preservatives.

Isn’t nature brilliant?

Alex Wolfe

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