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Dear blog readers,

Silk Therapeutics was founded by scientists with expertise in medical devices fabricated from silk. In the medical industry, materials are regulated by the federal government and must be proven safe before entering the marketplace. We believe such a standard of safety and transparency ought to be required of the cosmetics industry, whose products also come in contact with and enter the body no differently than medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

In the absence of regulation, public interest groups such as the Environmental Working Group (EWG) are filling the gap, providing research and advocacy for consumers of skincare and cosmetic products. Because companies can use almost any ingredient, which include potentially harmful ones, in their products, EWG strives to shine a light on the weak standards that govern personal care products. For example, EWG’s “Skin Deep” mobile app [free on your app store], rates personal care products based on potentially harmful ingredients and allows users to check ratings from anywhere by simply scanning a barcode or typing in a product name.

Now EWG has introduced the EWG VERIFIED, program for personal care and cosmetics.  EWG VERIFIED™ products avoid ingredients that authoritative health bodies have flagged for potential health concerns; fully disclose their ingredients to consumers; ensure that their products are adequately preserved and free of contaminants; and follow good manufacturing practices. Products accepted into this program are allowed to display the EWG VERIFIED™ logo. This program represents an important step towards the transparency and integrity we personally strive for in the beauty industry.

Silk Therapeutics is honored to be among the first of fourteen cosmetics and personal care product lines certified as EWG VERIFIED™.

But we won’t stop there. We believe silk can help clean up the beauty industry and its supply chain. We know silk to be remarkably beneficial to human skin, and that it can replace some of the harsh materials too-often used by skincare companies. We will continue leveraging our expertise and commitment to human health to rethink skincare from the ground up. With our technology and formulations, in partnership with EWG VERIFIED™, we hope to prove to other companies that it is possible for the beauty industry to be thoughtful and transparent about the ingredients it uses.

We are proud to be accepted into this exclusive program, and to know that EWG shares the same concerns as we do here at Silk Therapeutics. The EWG VERIFIED™ logo will begin appearing on our products this month. We can’t wait!


The Silk Therapeutics Team

Addendum: We were honored to host Ken Cook, President of EWG on June 24, 2017.  Ken and our scientific co-founders swapped stories about cleaning up skincare, the wonders of silk chemistry, and EWG's ground-breaking  consumer tools: the Skin Deep database, Healthy Live app, and EWG VERIFIED™ For-Your-Health certification program. We are proud that so many of our products have been EWG VERIFIED™. Look for the seal on the side of our products.



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