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Resources for Safer Skincare and Cosmetic Products

If you’re like us, you’re concerned about the presence of ingredients like lead and formaldehyde in your everyday skincare products. Even if you try to read ingredient labels and shop responsibly, the vast array of chemicals used as cosmetic ingredients can be dizzying for even the sharpest consumer to comprehend. Not all products labeled “natural” or “organic” are 100% safe, and not all “conventional” products are unsafe for use. So, how do we make sense of it all?

None of the Silk Therapeutics products include harmful ingredients or additives. They are free of parabens, lead, formaldehyde, triclosan and other common-but-questionable compounds. Good news! Still, navigating the cosmetic market while avoiding dangerous ingredients can be daunting, so here are some valuable resources to help you find healthy products:

1. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep® Cosmetic Database (EWG Skin Deep)

The Environmental Working Group has compiled this genius database to help consumers find safer cosmetic products. EWG Skin Deep uses a 0-10 rating system to assess the safety of skincare and beauty products (a “0” rating means a product has a low hazard score; a “10” means it is very questionable and a high health hazard) and you can read the ingredient lists and product assessment profile for any product you own or would like to purchase by entering its name in the search bar. You can also search by product category to find a list of low risk products that suit your needs.

EWG Skin Deep also has a free downloadable app, making safety assessment accessible on the go. The app allows you to scan the barcode of a product while you’re in the store for an immediate assessment.

2. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Similarly, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, partnered with Think Dirty®, has made data about cosmetic ingredients available and easy to understand via its carefully-designed website and “Think Dirty” app. “Think Dirty” uses a similar barcode-scanning system and 0-10 product rating scale. This app features a user-friendly interface, options to save lists of your commonly-used products, and notifications when ratings change.

3. Other trustworthy sources of information include the Silent Spring Institute, which publishes current research findings about human carcinogens, and the David Suzuki Foundation, which outlines the “dirty dozen” ingredients in cosmetics and their potential effects on the body.

The bottom line? Do your research, stay informed, and feel good about the choices you make when it comes to cosmetics.


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