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R&D at Silk Therapeutics... And an Opportunity to Try an Upcoming Product

At Silk Therapeutics we take pride in providing you with clean and effective anti-aging skincare products, and providing as much information as we can about them. That’s why we’re launching the ‘Lab Notes’ blog series, in which we will introduce you to silk science, research and development, and information about various ingredients. Think of Lab Notes as your sneak peek into our Product Engineer’s lab notebook.

Silk Therapeutics’ research and development (R&D) program is the vision of our co-founders, Drs. Greg Altman, Chief Executive Officer, and Rebecca Horan, Chief Operating Officer. The two are foremost experts in silk-based biomaterials, have published numerous scientific papers on this topic, and hold a number of patents. Their experience at Serica Technologies (later acquired by Allergan), inspired Drs. Altman and Horan to enter the women’s health market with a focus on healthy products that do no harm. In 2013, they invested their own money to pursue the development of Silk Therapeutics and its unique liquid silk formula.

Leading our efforts in the lab is Product Engineer Dylan Haas, who has been with the company since its establishment. He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and his M.S. in Biomedical Engineering. Dylan’s thesis work focused on silk-based biomaterials, specifically related to medical devices. He has since utilized his experience and knowledge of silk to help conceptualize, design and develop the Silk Therapeutics line.

The R&D team will tell you, truthfully, that product concepts often begin with our customers. Developing a new product is a much more intimate process than you might imagine, involving a review of customer feedback and many Silk team meetings. We also work closely with our Professional Advisory Board on product look and feel, customer support and market insight, and our Medical Advisory Board on matters related to safety, performance and dermatology. Here’s how an outline of the product development process:

1) When a new product is conceived, it is first prioritized in our product development pipeline, as dictated by feedback we receive from Silk Therapeutics customers and fans.

2) Next, the team identifies user needs for the product, detailing everything from texture, consistency, appearance and packaging to safety and performance.

3) A product development plan is established to address timelines, methods, experimentation, and other aspects of R&D. This step includes extensive research into the most effective and healthful ingredients to include in our product.

4) Experimentation and development begins. Along the way, product iterations are constantly tested to ensure user needs are met. If not, formula iterations are altered or abandoned until the perfect formula is realized.

5) Lastly, final product formulas are sent out for a variety of tests that demonstrate safety and then the near-finished product undergoes user testing.

This last step is where your opportunity comes in. The team is very enthused to announce that we are in the final stages of developing Nurture++, our soon-to-be introduced, heavier moisturizer which followed this R&D process exactly. Customers told us that a heavier moisturizer would be useful during the colder months, and voila!

If you’re interested in reviewing Nurture++ before we begin selling it, please post a comment on our Facebook page telling us why you want to review the product, and private message us your mailing address and email. All we ask is that you try it for one week and respond to the questions our team will send you by email. We’ll give away full-size bottles to the first 25 respondents. We can’t wait to get your feedback!


-The Silk Therapeutics Team


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