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Prepping Your Skin for a Big Event

For many of us, warm weather signals a stream of celebratory events, from weddings to backyard barbecues. Whatever the summer holds for you, taking great care of your skin will help you look and feel confident. Here are our top tips and tricks for achieving your most beautiful skin before a big event.

  1. Keep Your Cool

There’s no doubt about it: stress is hard on your skin. Stress hormones can cause a variety of skin problems, and during busy times you may feel less inclined to follow your daily skincare regimen or take the time to prepare healthy meals. As stressful as big events can be, make an active effort to relax. Exercise, take walks, eat healthily, and find some time to unwind every day. You may be surprised how much your newfound zen will do for your skin.


  1. Plan Ahead

If there’s a particular skincare concern you hope to address before you pose for all of those photographs, make a plan. There aren’t any reliable overnight fixes for fine lines or uneven skin tone, so decide what you would like to address at least six weeks out and then find the products that work best for you.


  1. Design Your Own Regimen

No two women have the same skincare needs. Give us a call to speak with our skincare experts about your specific needs. Our C Advance anti-aging intensive serum is a great multitasker, as it addresses a myriad of issues from dullness to wrinkles. We also have a number of product bundles designed to target different conditions.


  1. Try A Mask or Peel

Masks and peels are great ways to reveal your most radiant skin with minimal effort. Use our Renewing Peel to brighten and revitalize skin, or find an exfoliation treatment that works best for you. Gentle exfoliation can do wonders for dull skin. Ease into new regimes and pay close attention to how your skin responds.


  1. Hydrate

You’ve heard it before. Drink your water. Often. And in large quantities!


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