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In the world of skincare, to say the word “silk” is overused is a significant understatement. Many other companies list it as an ingredient, as the name of products, and as the result your skin aspires to be. As you know, it is the name of our anti-aging skincare brand and company, Silk Therapeutics, Inc.

It has been a rather interesting journey for the Silk Therapeutics team as we face the challenge of differentiating the pure, natural silk that we use in our anti-aging skincare line from misinformation about artificial ingredients claiming to possess the unique features and biochemistry of natural silk protein.

But this week, our mission to deliver healthy, effective natural silk skincare–through countless hours at the lab bench, pay off.

This milestone occurred when The US Patent and Trademark Office granted Silk Therapeutics a US patent on our core ingredient: pure, natural, non-GMO silk. Here’s why this is important: the patent affirms that Silk Therapeutics is, and will be for the next 20 years, the only company in the US that can produce our novel water-stable silk protein to create clean and effective skincare.

With this patent, the United States recognizes Silk Therapeutics’ invention and affirms our right to exclusive use of our novel, natural liquid silk formula for producing consumer and medical product. What it means for you: that our claims about natural silk are, indeed, real and that you can count on our products to deliver the effectiveness and performance associated with natural silk.

Let’s talk about we use our natural silk formula and what it can do for your skin:

1. Locks in hydration by providing a moisture barrier at the protein level

2. Enables us to use minimal ingredients, free of harmful chemicals, additives and other processing contaminant

3. Heals skin

4. Stabilizes and delivers the skin-healthy benefits of our other active ingredients, such as antioxidant vitamin C, in high concentration

5. Allows us to avoid genetically engineered or other silk-processing waste by-products such as hydrolyzed silk or sericin that could cause an allergic reaction

6. Is developed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Please join me in congratulating my co-inventors (Rebecca “the rock” Horan, COO; Dylan “the creator” Haas, R&D Product Engineer; Rachel “the brains” Dow, General Manager), who not only discovered the core technology, but also diligently work every day to provide the highest quality skincare products based on the science of silk to our committed and beautiful customers.


– Dr. Greg Altman, Co-Founder & CEO


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