Nurture++ is a Win!

Nurture++ is a Win!

Dear blog readers,

My wife and I have two young boys (5 & 8), and during February school vacation we were lucky enough to bring them skiing in Vermont- their first time on a real mountain. We were also lucky to learn that we were about to encounter our first -40 degree ski day—one for the record books.

Recently I have found myself responsible for our family’s skincare! And while not normally known for carefully packing a suitcase, I found a test bottle of Nurture++ (our intense moisturizer in the final stages of commercialization) and brought it with us.

Needless to say, as novices, we appreciated the empty mountain on that cold day, but were very concerned for our kids and any exposed skin on their face and neck. After an entire day of skiing their skin was still hydrated and beautiful (I’m biased!), but even my eldest son, who has eczema and dry skin had a great result.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that we at Silk Therapeutics make products we stand behind personally and back with science and diligent formulation. Lacking fillers and synthetic polymers that sit on top of the skin, Nurture++ contains only what your skin needs for maximum protection with anti-aging benefits, and nothing else. Designed for all skin types including sensitive, I greatly appreciated the opportunity to use it on my own family and look forward to sharing it with you very soon!

With warm regards,


Dr. Greg Altman

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Silk Therapeutics

Michelle Teillon

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