Meet Complete, Our New Gel Cleanser

Meet Complete, Our New Gel Cleanser

The goal: Develop a cleanser that was compatible with all skin types, could be used in the eye area and would thoroughly remove makeup. And like all of our products, it had to be made with 12 ingredients or fewer. Once we nailed the formula, is it any surprise we named it Complete?

Our cream cleanser, Refresh, is one of our most popular products. So while it might seem counterintuitive that we added another cleanser to our collection (why mess with a good thing?), we take our cues from you  and in listening to your comments, we learned there was a need for a gel cleanser

Why? Cream cleansers tend to contain a higher proportion of fatty acids which leave a gentle residue on the skin. That isn’t a bad thing, as those fatty acids have a moisturizing effect. But some people, particularly those with oily skin, prefer the fresh, snappier feel of a gel.

Often, however, gel-based formulas wind up stripping skin of the natural oils that even people with oily skin need. Our goal was to create a cleanser that left skin feeling healthy and balanced, not stripped. 

We did that by using two gentle surfactants (the ingredients that actually clean your skin): sodium lauroamphoacetate and coco-glucoside, which are both derived from coconut oil. The result? A facial cleanser that works for all skin types, even sensitive.

Complete is particularly helpful for people who are prone to breakouts because its gentle ingredients maintain the skin’s natural flora and pH. (Acne products often rob the skin of those essential qualities, leaving a portal for breakout-causing bacteria to thrive.) And people with dry skin can use it because it leaves their skin’s natural oils intact  though they might still opt for our Refresh cream cleanser thanks to its added emollient qualities. 

Makeup wearers will especially benefit from the use of Complete. It’s gentle enough to be used around the eye area  so just as it removes cosmetics from the rest of your face, it can take off light eye makeup without stinging. The sodium lauroamphoacetate that cleanses your skin also generates lather, which boosts the gel’s reach. Just two pumps cover the entire face, and using more water will create more lather (which comes in handy when trying to remove a full face of makeup). 

So lather up and show off your natural radiance  free of residue, free of irritation and always free of harmful chemicals.

Team Silk

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