Introducing Evolved By Nature

Introducing Evolved By Nature

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You know Activated Silk as the key active ingredient in our Silk Therapeutics skincare products. But did you know that this natural protein can also make fabrics perform better? 

Silk Therapeutics is proud to be part of Evolved By Nature, a green chemistry company harnessing the power of Activated Silk to improve the health, sustainability and performance of the products you use every day. We’re even more excited to announce that Evolved By Nature recently welcomed an investment from Chanel as part of the iconic brand’s efforts to make luxury fashion more sustainable. 

You’re likely familiar with Activated Silk as the key ingredient in our Silk Therapeutics skincare line, where it partners with your skin’s collagen while replacing entire classes of commonly used chemicals. From phthalates and parabens to formaldehyde and silicones, petrochemical ingredients typically serve as stabilizers, fillers and preservatives, and they’re not good for your skin or the planet. But even after cleaning up your skincare routine, you may still be exposed to these harsh ingredients through the clothing and textiles you use every day. 

More than 150 chemicals are regularly used to enhance the performance of everything from yoga pants and T-shirts to underwear, bed linens and car seats. These synthetic finishing agents deliver everything from a softer feel to faster moisture wicking and improved color vibrancy, but many have been linked to environmental pollution, cancer risk, reproductive disruption and other long-term health concerns. And since brands and manufacturers aren’t required to disclose these chemicals on product labels, shoppers are typically left in the dark. 

Evolved By Nature is using Activated Silk to replace unsafe chemicals at industrial scale. Applied to textiles, our key ingredient serves as a clean and sustainable alternative that enables brands to make their products safer to wash, wear and recycle. From high-end fashion to performance apparel, the company is working to evolve the way textiles are made for the better, and Evolved By Nature is thrilled to be collaborating with Chanel to explore innovative enhancements to luxury fabrics. 

Vogue Business recently wrote that “it’s time for fashion to remove toxic chemicals from clothing.” But for this to be achievable, apparel brands need access to cleaner options from the start  and that’s where Activated Silk comes in. Evolved By Nature is working with its partners to make their products safer, healthier and better for people and the planet. And it all starts with the natural science of silk.  

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