Intensive C Serum: 5 Features You Can Count On For Sumptuous Skin

Intensive C Serum: 5 Features You Can Count On For Sumptuous Skin

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The old axiom ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ could not be truer when it comes to skincare. What looks, smells or feels good is not necessarily the most effective product, and in some cases the best features of a product are invisible to the eye. Fortunately, once you’re armed with a little knowledge it will be easy to understand why these Top 5 Features make our Intensive C Serum a ‘secret sauce’ for gorgeous skin:

1. Liquid Silk: Our patented liquid silk formula contains real silk protein. It does not contain any silk byproducts (e.g., hydrolyzed silk, sericin, silk powder). As our primary, proprietary active ingredient, silk helps your skin produce healthy collagen, while actively firming and smoothing. Read on to find out how silk works to strengthen our serum’s anti-aging benefit.

2. Concentrated Antioxidant that’s Actually Working for Your Skin: The big ‘C’ of youthful skin is collagen. More, healthy collagen means fewer wrinkles, and antioxidants promote collagen production. The vast majority of skincare lines contain vitamin C or other antioxidants, but the truth is, most aren’t working at their full potential. Antioxidants easily lose their potency over time if not protected from the environment. After a few weeks of use, many products lose their antioxidant benefits without us even knowing it. Intensive C Serum combats the problem of wasted antioxidants with our liquid silk formula. The natural silk protein encapsulates and protects active vitamin C from diminished potency. Intensive C Serum really does deliver an intense dose of wrinkle-combating vitamin C.

3. Economical Distribution: The first thing you will notice about Intensive C Serum is its lush, silky feel… and then something else: its economical distribution. You may be tempted to use more, but with this luxuriously light formula, it’s only necessary to use 1-2 drops for your entire face, neck and décolletage. With natural silk and potent antioxidants working for you, you’re already ahead of the game. Economical distribution means you’ll get excellent results AND your product will last.

4. Lush and CleanIf you’ve tried a serum (and I’ve tried many as an esthetician), you know that some products can leave you feeling a bit oily. It is widely accepted, even among professionals, that this is a necessary trade-off for hydrated skin. Silk Therapeutics’ trademark ‘1-2 punch’ is that it feels exceptionally lush as you apply it, then leaves your skin feeling extremely clean. Just imagine feeling fresh-washed andhydrated. Liquid silk and only pure, essential ingredients make this possible.

5. No Junk: Who needs it? By definition it’s waste, and yet many skincare products contain deceptive ‘fillers.’ Worse, some products contain harmful solvents or preservatives, or known irritants. Silk Therapeutics contains no ‘junk’. It’s one reason why our products are appropriate for all skin types.

Now that you understand our secret sauce for sumptuous skin, here’s how to use Intensive C Serum and what you can expect from it:

-Use nightly on clean skin.
 Apply 1-2 drops to face, neck and décolleté. Allow the product to sink in and firm the skin. This is the silk working with your collagen. Follow up with your favorite Silk Therapeutics moisturizer.

-An advanced anti-aging serum treatment that promotes your skin’s active regeneration cycle. Collagen production is increased through a high dose of stabilized vitamin C (10%) so fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. This serum evens skin tone while brightening and firming the skin.

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