How to Use Silk Eye Revive: Potent Therapy for the Delicate Eye Area

How to Use Silk Eye Revive: Potent Therapy for the Delicate Eye Area

Silk Eye Revive is designed to quickly erase signs of fatigue and return the natural sparkle to your eyes (and the mischief and wonder too.) Here’s a product profile, from what’s in it and why, to how to use it and the results you can expect.

Product Personality

The friend you call when you’re in a jam.

Look & Feel

Consistency of a gel with a caviar-like consistency; light, cooling feel when applied. Eye Revive is a treatment, not a cream! It bears repeating that Silk Therapeutics products look and feel like no other skincare products you’ve used—because they’re different.




Water; Silk Therapeutics’ patented, clean liquid silk formula; caffeine; Vitamin C; Sodium Anisate (a preservative derived from fennel); Rosehip Oil.

What You Won’t Find in Silk Eye Revive, or Any Silk Therapeutics Products

No phthalates, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances, no GMO ingredients, nothing toxic or irritating to your skin, ever. Our products contain only active, effective, risk-free ingredients you can trust.

What You Can Expect

1) Fewer fine lines and wrinkles

2) Reduction in puffiness

3) Improved radiance

4) More even skin tone

5) An addictive clean and light feel

Why It Works

Our liquid silk formula smooths, tones, heals and hydrates the skin. It also wraps around the Vitamin C to preserve its potency for maximum anti-aging benefits. Additionally, our pure silk protein replaces synthetic additives and harsh chemicals that may have a negative impact on your skin and overall health. Caffeine reduces puffiness while rosehip oil hydrates the skin and locks in moisture. Water suspends and delivers silk and other ingredients in our patented formula. Sodium Anisate keeps bacteria at bay.

For more information, click on the link and scroll to the ‘How to Use’ video

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-Caraline, Silk Therapeutics Esthetician, Product Manager

Michelle Teillon

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