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How to Use C Advance

Dear Blog Readers,

In case you missed the excitement, we recently launched several enhanced products. New C Advance, which takes the place of Silk Intensive C Serum, is a highly concentrated serum with 10% vitamin C. With C Advance, you can expect a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and a more even, brighter and firmer skin tone.

If you were a Silk Intensive C Serum user, the first thing you probably noticed is the new dropper, which we added so that you can apply the product in a more targeted manner on your skin. It may seem trivial, but the dropper is important, because C Advance is highly concentrated and designed so that 1-2 drops delivers the intended dose and will cover your entire face, neck and décolletage. Layering C Advance can actually decrease its effectiveness.

These features together are good news for your skin AND your wallet, because targeted application together with a formula that requires minimal coverage translates into product conservation (no waste). Fortunately, we planned for C Advance to last a long time by designing our new formula for improved stability. Stability is the quality that allows a product to remain effective and unchanged in a variety of environmental conditions, over a long period of time.

Additional features of C Advance are:

  • Liquid Silk: Silk Therapeutics’ patented liquid silk formula contains real silk protein and delivers unique benefits: penetrates skin to promote healthy collagen, protects active ingredients, locks in moisture, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and protects the skin from environmental pollutants. Our natural silk actually preserves the potency of other ingredients like vitamin C, so Silk Therapeutics products are effective from start to finish.
  • Lasting Antioxidant Potency: The vast majority of skincare lines contain collagen-building vitamin C or other antioxidants, but antioxidants lose their potency when exposed to light. With our new light-protected dropper, the potency of the serum is protected. Studies show that within a few weeks of use, antioxidant potency is all but gone if not sufficiently protected.
  • Lush and Clean: Some serums can leave you feeling a bit oily. It is widely accepted that this is a necessary trade-off in order to see results. C Advance feels lush as you apply it, then leaves your skin feeling extremely clean. Just imagine feeling fresh-washed while knowing your skin is actively being treated. Liquid silk and pure, essential ingredients make this possible.
  • No Junk: Many skincare products contain deceptive ‘fillers’ to give them a hydrating feel out of the bottle even if they don’t necessarily do so. Worse, some products contain harmful solvents or preservatives, or known irritants. Silk Therapeutics contains no junk. It’s one reason why our products are appropriate for all –even the most sensitive skin.

Give C Advance a try, and tell us about your results. You can find Silk Therapeutics on Facebook and Twitter or call our Customer Service line: 866-809-0367. We welcome your feedback

In beauty and health,

Silk Therapeutics Esthetician, Product Manager


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