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Healthy Skincare for Moms: Why I'm a Silk Mom

Dear Blog Readers,

I recently returned to work at Silk Therapeutics following the birth of my happy, healthy baby boy–my first child. I have always considered myself to be mindful of ingredients, both in the products I put on my body and in food, but as many women out there know, being pregnant can increase your vigilance. Having a child changes the game entirely.

When I became pregnant, I began educating myself even more about different products (and food), and let me tell you, I learned a lot. During my pregnancy, I got rid of quite a few products I had deemed as acceptable pre-pregnancy. Now that I actually have a child, my concern for ingredients is greater than ever. I’ll admit it: I sometimes find myself standing in the aisle reading labels.

As the General Manager and Director of Operations for Silk Therapeutics, I have always been passionate about providing clean, effective skincare and supporting customers with education about healthy and safe ingredients.

The experiences of pregnancy and motherhood brought a surprising new awareness and context to my return to work. I used our products confidently throughout my pregnancy, knowing that each ingredient is carefully chosen to deliver beautiful, healthy skin—without compromise. We have many things to be concerned about during pregnancy, and a lifetime of concerns to occupy us as parents. Silk Therapeutics makes one of those decisions easy.

-Rachel, Silk Therapeutics General Manager


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