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When it comes to hydrating your skin, you can’t judge a book by its cover…or even the first chapter. Apply a drop of any moisturizer on the back of your hand. Whether heavy or light and fluffy, it’s likely to feel good, with a smooth, creamy texture. It probably smells good too. But the truth is, many so-called moisturizers provide a deceptively appealing texture and smell, and little to no benefit.

Surprisingly, a moisturizer’s true hydrating capacity has little or nothing to do with how it feels out of the bottle. That’s because of fillers, chemicals that are specifically added to—as your mother used to say– make a good first impression. They ‘feel’ hydrating. But fillers, as the name implies, do not necessarily provide a benefit to your skin; and some fillers can actually irritate and dry out the skin. Yes, it’s true: some moisturizers contain drying ingredients. Fragrance is another potential source of irritation or dryness. Fragrances are made up of chemicals used to add a pleasant smell. By contrast, scent refers to a naturally occurring smell, such as that of an essential oil or flower.

Purely Smooth flips how you hydrate your skin on its head: instead of adding moisture to your skin, it works to balance your skin and retain your skin’s natural moisture. We believe in working with your skin and not against it. Stripping your skin with a harsh cleanser and applying chemical-laden moisturizer on a daily basis can cause both dryness and over production of oil.

Purely Smooth, which contains no fillers or fragrances, has a light-as-air feel, caviar-like consistency and translucent color entirely unlike a moisturizer, or honestly, any other skincare product we’re aware of. Customers are often skeptical of its potential, and we understand: manufacturers have for decades promoted the idea that ‘creamy’ means hydrating. Purely Smooth actually does more than a moisturizer. It’s designed to treat, firm and retain moisture in your skin. Its leading ingredient is liquid silk, designed to treat the skin and enhance collagen, for firming. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, protects the skin, treats discoloration and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. The end result is healthy, beautiful skin with long-term use.

To get something different, do something different…. before you moisturize (we recommend our Nurture line), smooth, firm and protect with Purely Smooth!


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