Cumulative Exposure: Every Decision Matters - Including Your Beauty Choices

Cumulative Exposure: Every Decision Matters - Including Your Beauty Choices

There seems to be a pervasive feeling that the chemicals that surround us are destined to deeply affect us. But this doesn’t need to be the case – we have more power in the situation than we may think. Everyday, we make important decisions that directly affect our health and wellness. With each choice we make, we take a step either towards or away from our tipping point: cumulative exposure.

Humans are biological creatures and all biological systems have a tipping point. Low amounts of a toxin may not have an effect, but after a certain amount of exposure and time, a trigger is switched. It’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Effectively, every decision we make matters. And this includes our skincare.

The skin is the largest organ we have and it’s the body’s first barrier of protection, so what we put on it matters. The skin is highly vascularized and your blood is fairly close to the surface. In fact, a high percentage of small molecules on the skin are transferred into the blood, which is then circulated through the body. So when we have the opportunity to use clean skincare products, we’re backing away from the ledge and lowering our cumulative exposure to toxins.

Our goal is to convey a message of hope. As science progresses, we’re given even more chances to lower our cumulative exposure. Whereas we used to face a choice between looking our best and feeling our best, now the choice is simple. Even if we can’t be perfect all the time, we’re empowered to achieve beauty without sacrifice.

Michelle Teillon

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