Cosmetic Restrictions During Pregnancy

Cosmetic Restrictions During Pregnancy

We were so excited when one of our colleagues recently announced her pregnancy. After celebrating and congratulations, conversation naturally turned to how her skincare routine would change now that she is with child. Even though she’s an expert in what’s safe and what’s not, we know not everyone is; we thought it would helpful to list out a few common ingredients in skincare that pregnant women should avoid.

1) Retinol:

Common in acne medication as well as anti-aging products, retinol (as it’s also known: Retin A/Accutane or retinoids) is a big no-no. It’s especially dangerous in medications, but should be limited topically during pregnancy as well.

2) Parabens and Phthalates:

The two should be avoided all the time, but during pregnancy this goes especially so. The two are commonly found in skincare products as chemical fillers and softeners.

3) Oxybenzone:

Oxybenzone is a chemical component of many sunscreen products and can disrupt your body’s hormones. Though sunscreen is very important during pregnancy, as pregnant women are more sensitive to UV light, be sure to check your label before lathering.

This list is just a preliminary look at what to expect when you’re expecting. Be sure to do your research and ask your doctor if you’re not sure about an ingredient in your skincare. Remember, a woman’s body is in a sensitive state during pregnancy. Because of this, chemicals that might sneak under the radar normally may make a big impact.

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