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Collagen and Vitamin C: Why You Need a Daily Dose of C

We were always told to make sure to get enough of our vitamins growing up. As we age, this remains the same. When it comes to skin health, vitamin C is a particularly important component.

The skincare industry frequently speaks of vitamin C in terms of stimulating the growth of collagen. Here, we would like to offer additional insight into the actual mechanism of collagen production and vitamin C’s role in it. Science jargon aside, collagen is a protein that gives your skin its firmness and strength, but what most people don’t know is that “collagen” is actually three (3) collagen protein strands (think rope) twisted together in a helix. In order for collagen to provide its famed strength and structure, the three twisted collagen protein molecules must first be “bonded” together through a chemical cross-link. Enter vitamin C. Vitamin C is a “co-factor” (think activator) to the enzyme that enables the cross-linking. Without vitamin C, there is no cross-linking, and without cross-linking there is no functional “collagen” helix structure that forms the matrix of most of our body tissue, including skin.

Now you know that vitamin C does not specifically stimulate the production of single stranded collagen protein, but rather is entirely responsible for the formation of functional (triple helix) collagen that provides the form and structure of our bodies.

So make sure you are getting your daily dose of vitamin C as well as utilizing skincare products, such as our C Advance intensive serum, that deliveries active vitamin C directly to your skin, without unnecessary additives or harsh preservatives.


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