Be the Extraordinary

Be the Extraordinary

Getting through the day is no small feat. From the boardroom to the homeroom, you have to balance responsibilities all day long. You barely have time to breathe, let alone think about yourself. It’s our mission at Silk Therapeutics to help support dynamic women like you and empower them to be the extraordinary, especially in everyday life.

Whether making a commitment to your health and beauty, supporting your family, friends or career, or courageously facing a health concern, we want to encourage you to do so extraordinarily.

By harnessing the power of silk and developing a line of luxurious anti-aging products, we’re able to improve health and wellness with no added risks. Women can give themselves a boost of confidence by feeling beautiful both inside and out.

Our inspiration comes from the experience of our team as people, patients and parents. We’re particularly passionate about helping those that are seeking clean and powerful anti-aging skincare treatments, patients undergoing oncology treatment and mothers who are pregnant or breast-feeding. We exist to support you in your pursuit for timeless beauty without consequence.

So as you approach your day, each and every morning, do so knowing you are the extraordinary in your own life.

Michelle Teillon

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