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5 Reasons to Say 'Yes' to Silk Skincare

At Silk Therapeutics, we are always trying to educate people about the power of silk protein. To put it simply, we have compiled a short list of 5 reasons why you should say ‘yes’ to Silk skincare:
1) Results. We spent years developing our liquid silk delivery technology. It works.
2) Beneficial for ALL skin types, even sensitive skin.
3) Minimal ingredients, always. No toxic chemicals or preservatives, ever.
4) Protects your skin from environmental pollutants while it heals, replenishes and nourishes.
5) We exist to support your pursuits: beautiful skin, health, and confidence.

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skincarebysilk We've had a great experience working with @octoly to pre-release some of the Limited Edition products launching next week via our new LabGrab program. LabGrab has been a long time in the making. And it's a special kind of thrill to watch the devoted #skincarecommunity