4 Ways Silk Promotes a Beautiful Complexion

4 Ways Silk Promotes a Beautiful Complexion

Although many may know the benefits of silk in fabric form, we thought we could clue you in on exactly why it’s so great in its pure liquid form as a skincare ingredient. Our goal is to provide you, for the first time, access to pure silk protein in its natural form—the same form used for spinning the fibers we have all come to know and love for the amazing way silk feels against the skin.

We designed pure silk protein in a liquid formula to leverage four major characteristics of the silk protein to give you maximum results:

  1. Anti-aging – Silk protein is bio-similar to native collagen, thus able to work with skin’s natural protein matrix to firm and tighten while promoting healthy, beautiful looking skin.
  2. Protective – Silk acts as a highly effective protector and delivery system of other active ingredients. This is particularly important when delivering active ingredients that are sensitive to degradation from exposure to air or light, such as vitamin C. The size and protein structure of silk makes it a perfect physical protector for other ingredients while in the bottle. Once applied to the skin, the active ingredients are released and available for absorption at maximum potency as the silk protein binds to skin providing additional benefit.
  3. Moisturizing – Silk forms a micro layer on the skin’s surface, locking in moisture and protecting the skin from environmental pollutants.
  4. Clean – Liquid silk protein is a non-toxic, naturally organic ingredient with beneficial properties – including a great feel to the skin. Silk, unlike many active ingredients, is less prone to support the growth of contaminants. As a result, we are able to avoid the use of harsh chemical preservatives-supporting your health while keeping your skin looking great.

This pure protein continuously works with and for your skin to give you the best possible results…as if you needed more reasons to love silk!

-The Silk Therapeutics R&D team

Michelle Teillon

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