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10 Earth Day Tips

In addition to moving toxics out of your products and out of the economy, there are many other ways to live in concert with Earth's life support systems:

  1. Forget your coffee mug? Go topless: fill your takeaway cup a little bit less, and skip the single-use plastic.
  1. Learn where your drinking water comes from and how it arrives to your tap.
  1. Host a screening. Invite three friends. Try these environmental-themed films: Living Downstream, Toxic Hot Seat, Stink! or an episode of The Years of Living Dangerously.
  1. Visit a National Park.
  1. Use bottled water for emergencies only. Commit to carrying a reusable bottle.
  1. Gaze above the horizon line at least once a day.
  1. Support organizations that support safer working conditions for salon workers, who face the largest burden of beauty industry exposures. 
  1. Explore eating more plant-based meals and/or foods sourced closer to home.
  1. Enjoy public transit, a walk or ride-sharing when you can. 
  1. Plant at least one tree in whose shade you may never sit.

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