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 Silk has been treasured for its elegance and strength for millennia. For the first time ever, scientists at Silk Therapeutics have discovered a process to liquefy silk back into its stable activated liquid state. Silk Therapeutics holds six patents related to activated liquid silk, which we formulate into clean, powerful skincare made with minimal ingredients. Activated liquid silk delivers clinical-level results while replacing most ingredients and chemical fillers otherwise standard in the skincare industry.

Our patented process purifies fibroin (the biological name for the pure silk fiber) into its active liquid form.

Our process removes and discards sericin, the outer glue that naturally coats silk fiber, because studies show sericin is allergenic. Pure fibroin, however, is hypoallergenic, compatible for implantation into the human body and is the basis for several FDA-approved implantable medical products.

Silk Therapeutics is the only company that makes activated liquid silk, and it is exclusively found in our skincare.

Renewal from within

Pure activated liquid silk partners with your skin and skin's primary protein, collagen.

Collagen provides skin's structure, and works to support skin's firm, smooth, youthful appearance. It also forms a matrix with other molecules such as hyaluronic acid and growth factors to support cellular vitality-what gives skin its healthy vibrant glow. As we age, however, cellular production of collagen naturally starts to decline. There is where activated liquid silk can help.

From just a little silk

  • All Silk Therapeutics products use our patented Liquid SilkTM technology in high concentrations.
  • Achieve the maximum effect by using just a small amount.


Synthetic polymers are too large to penetrate


Molecules penetrate deep to promote healthy skin


Minimal Ingredients, Maximal Results

Pure liquid silk's harmony with your skin gives it the power to transform—without any additives. Our only ingredients are active, pure and essential. Silk works both as a powerful anti-aging element as well as a protector of the other active ingredients. Each carefully chosen ingredient in Silk Therapeutics products is essential to the anti-aging process, imparting radiance and firmness with visible results.

Each of our products features silk as the foundational ingredient. The combined formulation works in harmony with skin. In this way, our only ingredients are clean, gentle, safe and powerful, creating healthier, more beautiful skin—and confidence that comes from within.


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